Blessings all Around us

Blessings all around us



Kingdom Soccer  Project Friends and Families, we wanted to take a moment and Thank you for your partnership and support.

We have blessed a remote village in the country of Haiti and those children will never be the same.

A total of 200 children were introduced to PE games, structured play and their first ever Soccer Tournament.

Take a moment to check the pictures and observe the smiles of the children as they run, kick and play. These images are priceless and do not tell the truth about how we were blessed in the remote village of Roppissa in Haiti. The love and smiles those children shared with us every day cannot be explained.

They Changes us forever. Jennifer and myself will never be the same.


What we achieved:



  • We provided a total of 100 Mighty Kicks Soccer Balls
  • Soccer Balls contained 12 life skills lessons(translated to Creole)
  • We provided a total of 4 bow net style goals
  • Soccer training equipment
  • 200 Jerseys
  • 200 Kingdom Soccer/ Mighty Kicks/ JC Sports Shirts
  • 200 Soccer Medals
  • Mighty Kicks Life Skills curriculum translated to Creole
  • Train a team of  6 teachers on how to conduct PE activities
  • Hosted first ever soccer Tournaments for Boys and Girls
  • Hosted soccer medal celebration for 200 children
  • Tournament champions received a Soccer Each to take home





We believe in empowerment and not in hand outs. What we achieved in Haiti represents empowerment of the school staff so children can be changed. This is what Kingdom Soccer project is all about!




Our relationship with the Ropissa School in Haiti is not stopping there, this project is only the beginning of many more.

What is next? We will reveal our 2017 Kingdom Soccer project in the upcoming weeks. so stay tuned.

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