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Why the Kingdom Soccer Project?

For the past couple of years the Lord has been tugging on both my husband and myself about going on a missions trip. To be honest, the thought frightens me. Not because of going to a different country or meeting the people there. Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. The part that is scary is what God will do in our lives after all this. I've found this, every time I take a big step for God, He takes an even bigger one in my life. It's always for the good, no it's always for the great...but my human nature I guess fears the unknown. 

Once we purposed in our hearts that we would make a commitment to going on one, I had visions of showing up and basically helping where I could. But then...I watched a video of missionaries playing soccer with some local village children. It made me remember a trip I had taken to Costa Rica where I played in a pick up game with locals and "gringos" and having the best time! We built friendships that day, I got to experience "community" in a foreign land. I wound up spending the rest of my months there traveling and living with the friends I made there. Soccer is what bridged our language gap, soccer is what connected out backgrounds, soccer was our level playing ground.

After reminiscing a bit, in the middle of church service I thought God has blessed us with an awesome business where we are able to instruct and develop our kids in sports in our community, why not Haiti? Why not other parts of the world? Soccer is so global, in the most remote parts of this world they are playing soccer (well probably football). Why not use soccer as a tool to reach the lost, the forgotten, to those in need. 


Jennifer Coronel


JC Sports LLC





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