God is in Control

Haiti trip Update



God is in control


I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when we had to change the date of the trip from December to February. I wanted to go as soon as possible to Haiti and bring smiles and gifts to the children in Ropissa, however God had a different plan. Talking to Pastor Don and the team of Acts 29 missions we came to the conclusion that a trip in February will be a better idea due to what we would like to accomplish during this trip. We both wanted to make sure that the children would be at the school so that they can take full advantage of the training but also try to organize a soccer tournament for the last day of my stay.


Today I have great news to all our followers!!!  Jennifer (my wife) will be coming to Haiti with me as well. That in itself is a God working miracles story to be told at a later time. Therefore we will be making the trip from February 10th-14th.


We are excited to say that we will be taking the following supplies down to Haiti:


100 Mighty Kicks Soccer Balls: these soccer balls come with life skills words (i.e. teamwork, try hard, etc.) printed on them that correlate to the curriculum we are bringing to the school. We were even able to translate the balls and curriculum into Haitian Creole! We will be teaching the kids these life skills in addition to our soccer training.


With the partnership of the Mighty Kicks franchise and Luke Vercollone we were able to translate the life skill curriculum booklet to Haitian Creole.


Soccer Jerseys and T-Shirts


Soccer medals


8 Pop up goals


Soccer Equipment






Jennifer and I are really excited that we will be sharing this experience together. We both know that this is not only about bringing equipment and resources but also experiencing a “Finding Lives and Building Future” moment; it is about possibly changing lives with a soccer ball. We also are going to Haiti with an expectation that our own lives and perspective will be changed. That God is opening our eyes to even more and expanding His territory through us. We are so honored to even be considered to go on this trip and thankful for all those who have supported us.


I ask you to pray for our family for strength and peace as we are leaving our little ones behind for a week.

I ask you to pray for the children and educators in Ropissa

I ask you to pray that God will be in control of the full trip and that he will lead us to impact the life of children of Haiti by providing soccer as a tool of salvation.



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