Blessings all Around us

Blessings all around us



Kingdom Soccer  Project Friends and Families, we wanted to take a moment and Thank you for your partnership and support.

We have blessed a remote village in the country of Haiti and those children will never be the same.

A total of 200 children were introduced to PE games, structured play and their first ever Soccer Tournament.

Take a moment to check the pictures and observe the smiles of the children as they run, kick and play. These images are priceless and do not tell the truth about how we were blessed in the remote village of Roppissa in Haiti. The love and smiles those children shared with us every day cannot be explained.

They Changes us forever. Jennifer and myself will never be the same.


What we achieved:



  • We provided a total of 100 Mighty Kicks Soccer Balls
  • Soccer Balls contained 12 life skills lessons(translated to Creole)
  • We provided a total of 4 bow net style goals
  • Soccer training equipment
  • 200 Jerseys
  • 200 Kingdom Soccer/ Mighty Kicks/ JC Sports Shirts
  • 200 Soccer Medals
  • Mighty Kicks Life Skills curriculum translated to Creole
  • Train a team of  6 teachers on how to conduct PE activities
  • Hosted first ever soccer Tournaments for Boys and Girls
  • Hosted soccer medal celebration for 200 children
  • Tournament champions received a Soccer Each to take home





We believe in empowerment and not in hand outs. What we achieved in Haiti represents empowerment of the school staff so children can be changed. This is what Kingdom Soccer project is all about!




Our relationship with the Ropissa School in Haiti is not stopping there, this project is only the beginning of many more.

What is next? We will reveal our 2017 Kingdom Soccer project in the upcoming weeks. so stay tuned.

God is in Control

Haiti trip Update



God is in control


I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when we had to change the date of the trip from December to February. I wanted to go as soon as possible to Haiti and bring smiles and gifts to the children in Ropissa, however God had a different plan. Talking to Pastor Don and the team of Acts 29 missions we came to the conclusion that a trip in February will be a better idea due to what we would like to accomplish during this trip. We both wanted to make sure that the children would be at the school so that they can take full advantage of the training but also try to organize a soccer tournament for the last day of my stay.


Today I have great news to all our followers!!!  Jennifer (my wife) will be coming to Haiti with me as well. That in itself is a God working miracles story to be told at a later time. Therefore we will be making the trip from February 10th-14th.


We are excited to say that we will be taking the following supplies down to Haiti:


100 Mighty Kicks Soccer Balls: these soccer balls come with life skills words (i.e. teamwork, try hard, etc.) printed on them that correlate to the curriculum we are bringing to the school. We were even able to translate the balls and curriculum into Haitian Creole! We will be teaching the kids these life skills in addition to our soccer training.


With the partnership of the Mighty Kicks franchise and Luke Vercollone we were able to translate the life skill curriculum booklet to Haitian Creole.


Soccer Jerseys and T-Shirts


Soccer medals


8 Pop up goals


Soccer Equipment






Jennifer and I are really excited that we will be sharing this experience together. We both know that this is not only about bringing equipment and resources but also experiencing a “Finding Lives and Building Future” moment; it is about possibly changing lives with a soccer ball. We also are going to Haiti with an expectation that our own lives and perspective will be changed. That God is opening our eyes to even more and expanding His territory through us. We are so honored to even be considered to go on this trip and thankful for all those who have supported us.


I ask you to pray for our family for strength and peace as we are leaving our little ones behind for a week.

I ask you to pray for the children and educators in Ropissa

I ask you to pray that God will be in control of the full trip and that he will lead us to impact the life of children of Haiti by providing soccer as a tool of salvation.



Haiti Trip is becoming a Reality




We at the Kingdom Soccer Project are working hard to make sure our trip to Haiti takes place this upcoming December 2015. I wanted to share with you on what we have achieve and done so far and the areas where we need support.

The Date that I ( Coach Cesar) will be traveling to Ropissa, Haiti will be on December 16th-December 23rd. There, I will be working side by side with staff from Acts 29(Non profit missions based organization) building some soccer fields, bringing 100 soccer balls, Soccer Jerseys, pop up goals and soccer curriculum/materials translated to Haitian Creole.


We are proud to have achieved one of the hardest tasks for this trip, and that was to get the Soccer balls and the Mighty Kicks Life Skill curriculum translated to Haitian Creole. We are so blessed to have Luke Vercollone  and the Mighty Kicks Team working with us and donating over a third of the Soccer balls that we are taking to Haiti.  JC Sports Houston has donated over $2,000 this past summer to make sure the plane tickets where purchased on time. Thanks to JC Sports Houston for that!!


What are we still in need of the following:


**We still need your support financially to make sure we have enough funds to pay for the equipment to make it to Haiti on time. Also enough funds to stay in Haiti for over a week, buy additional hardware and tools to build soccer goals in Haiti as well.


**We still need additional soccer Equipment : We would love to bring some more additional pop up goals (they are about $100 each set), soccer cones , soccer pinnies and soccer Jerseys.


What are we doing?


During the Months of October and November, The Kingdom Soccer Project will be having a T-shirt Fundraiser. For a donation of $20 or more you will get a Peyi Wa Foutbol T-Shirt. Please support the Kingdom Soccer Project by Donating during the month of October and November. Your Donation will give us the necessary support to make our First Soccer Project reality.


From Coaches Cesar’s heart



Over a year ago, we opened JC Sports, a TRULY family owned Business (you can always find us there and our little ones too) Our goal was to have a sports center for parents and kids to instruct in a friendly and FUN way. A place where kids can learn to fall in love with sports, a place where we reach families in our area. Jennifer and I (both) quit our jobs and started working at JC Sports, and it was not easy, but GOD has always been there for us, providing just enough for us to keep the business running.

A year later we can say that we have loved every single one of the children that have come to JC Sports. We love every child that comes through our doors in our weekly classes, leagues, and special events, we love our amazing staff, but more than anything we love to make a difference in our community. A couple of months after we opened our business, God spoke to our Hearts and the Haiti Project became a dream. Right After that, God provided just enough for us to head to Haiti this December and we will do it with all the expenses covered by JC Sports. Making this financial decision was not easy, but this is what GOD asked of us and you know that when GOD ask, you do not DOUBT and focus on details, but you get to work and you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I ask you today to support us with anything you can, I ask you today to pray for our family, our business and for myself as I head to Haiti in December.




I am a little scared and I will not deny it. As a man, I do not admit often that I fear, but this time I am open about it, I am a little scared. I am not scared of Haiti or about how Haiti will look like, I was born and raised in the poorest areas of Argentina, South America. Today, I am scared about what GOD is about to do with me, He will be taking me for the ride of my life, but knowing that, I am READY too!! I am ready and faithful!! Our Business has been a step of Faith for the last year and as I head to Haiti, I know that he will keep using JC Sports Houston and the Kingdom Soccer Project to influence and affect families around our neighborhood and around the world.


Please support us today




Cesar Coronel

JC Sports Houston

Harvest8 Sports Group

Kingdom Soccer Project

Developing Coordination, Confidence, Character and FUN!!

"I am honored to partner with the Kingdom Soccer Project and be a part                      LVK.jpg
of their great mission and ministry to Haiti! Mighty Kicks seeks to  
help children develop Coordination, Confidence and Character within  
the framework of Soccer Fun - we help children grow physically,  
mentally and socially. As as Christian and fellow believer, it is VERY  
rewarding to be a part of helping kids develop spiritually through  
soccer as well! Soccer can be a great tool for evangelization  
(especially when there is a language barrier)! As a Pro Soccer Player  
I have an awesome opportunity to impact the lives of children and a  
platform to witness to them. It is great fruit and consolation to see  
how my small efforts (with Mighty Kicks) are now a part of an  
outstanding Ministry abroad - God is Good! I wish my absolute best to  
JC Sports, Coto Sports and Harvest8 Sports Group as they impact youth  
with the Kingdom Soccer Project and share the Gospel through soccer!"

Luke Vercollone
Professional Soccer Player
Founder, Mighty Kicks

Dream big

Why the Kingdom Soccer Project?

For the past couple of years the Lord has been tugging on both my husband and myself about going on a missions trip. To be honest, the thought frightens me. Not because of going to a different country or meeting the people there. Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. The part that is scary is what God will do in our lives after all this. I've found this, every time I take a big step for God, He takes an even bigger one in my life. It's always for the good, no it's always for the great...but my human nature I guess fears the unknown. 

Once we purposed in our hearts that we would make a commitment to going on one, I had visions of showing up and basically helping where I could. But then...I watched a video of missionaries playing soccer with some local village children. It made me remember a trip I had taken to Costa Rica where I played in a pick up game with locals and "gringos" and having the best time! We built friendships that day, I got to experience "community" in a foreign land. I wound up spending the rest of my months there traveling and living with the friends I made there. Soccer is what bridged our language gap, soccer is what connected out backgrounds, soccer was our level playing ground.

After reminiscing a bit, in the middle of church service I thought God has blessed us with an awesome business where we are able to instruct and develop our kids in sports in our community, why not Haiti? Why not other parts of the world? Soccer is so global, in the most remote parts of this world they are playing soccer (well probably football). Why not use soccer as a tool to reach the lost, the forgotten, to those in need. 


Jennifer Coronel


JC Sports LLC





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