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Harvest8 Sports group is a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization created by Jennifer and Cesar Coronel to empower local and international youth communities through sports activities. Our objective is not only to provide sports equipment, but to make sure that sports instruction and development takes place through training and curriculum after our departure.


Do you know why our Non Profit is Called Harvest8? The name of our company it is based on Luke 8 and the parable of the seeds. Jennifer and I have been blessed with a business that makes a difference in our community through sports , that is our SEED!! We want to extend our Harvest to the areas of the world that are in need. We all can make a difference during our lifetime including yourself. Would you support our Harvest? With your financial support, you are planting as many seeds as we are in the Kingdom of God. With your support, together we make a difference in the life of a child by providing tools that will allows them to have fun and learn sports; and who knows,  maybe the next soccer player, coach, or teacher may come out from our Harvest.


Harvest8 Sports Group partnered with JC Sports Houston in Houston to bring the Kingdom Soccer project to Haiti in February 2016.

This last winter 2016, Harvest8 Sports Group  brought a total of 100 Mighty Kicks Soccer balls, goals, equipment and soccer training materials to a remote school in Haiti. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and especially in Haiti. We believe the game of soccer can overcome language and cultural boundaries and offer a catalyst to fellowship and therefore bring the gospel to these children. Our mission was to  equip the teachers and staff with top of the line training in youth soccer development, equipment and we were able to achieved that goal with your support!.


Check out the Ropissa Christian Academy in Haiti, Our 2016 Kingdoms Soccer Project was able to provide resources to have a full PE program in the school.

Now, You can be part of something instrumental this upcoming year by supporting our Kingdom Soccer project in 2017.  This upcoming Summer 2017 we are heading to Kenya. We will be providing soccer equipment, soccer balls, soccer goals and the Mighty Kicks Soccer curriculum and host a Soccer tournament. Through giving financially or providing in-kind donations, you can make a major difference in the life of a child. 

We need your help and support today to make all this happen!








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